August 2018 Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2018 Minutes

Call meeting to order at 6:04 pm by Leanne

Open Mic

  • Christian Thompson – issue regarding parking of RV’s camping out for multiple days at a time on 46th along Berkeley Park
    • Request for solutions and support from BRUN
      • Overnight parking ban
      • Solutions used by Sloan’s Lake?
    • Linnea Bjorkman – improving community communications between students and neighbors
      • Cultivate Health and Fitness – opportunities around the neighborhood
      • Research regarding affordable housing issues
      • Communicating activities happening on campus to the community
      • Pedestrian safety on Federal Blvd.
        • Federal Blvd. Traffic calming event on October 6 from 10am-3pm at Intersection of Federal and 50th
        • Prosperity Denver
          • Proposal which will be on the ballot on Nov. 6 – sales tax proposal of .08% to run for 12 years – expected to raise $14M a year
            • All funds will go to low income students to pay for post-high school education
            • All schools who receive these funds will be nonprofit
            • Proposal has backing by Hickenlooper and Denver School Board
          • Marie Edgar – Historic Berkeley Regis
            • Learn more about history of Tennyson Street
            • Maintain character of the neighborhood and history of flagstones
            • West 38th Avenue group meeting at Zook’s are now an RNO
          • Jay April – Sustainability
            • Program which certifies neighborhoods for sustainability
              • Neighborhoods are taking action towards ride sharing, recycling, and other sustainable programs
            • See Facebook page for Denveright updates

Treasurer’s Report

Committee Reports

  • Zoning
    • Brad Harris – owner of Joint Dispensary; requests opinion/support from BRUN regarding parking issue on 38th and Wolff.
    • Jeff Laws – Zoning Appeal Application for Case No 128-18
      • Request variance for encroachment into bulk plane by 11 inches
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July 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2018 Board Meeting Notes

Open Mic

Justin Schmitz – City traffic engineer

  • Addresses concerns regarding cross walks in the intersections near Berkeley Lake Park
  • Has introduced pedestrian crossing at 46th/Wolff
  • Is considering narrowing road space at 48th on Tennyson; is also conducting a stop sign analysis at this location
  • City is also looking at pedestrian crossing options at 48th/Lowell and 46th/Irving  

Jay April – Regis Update

Enigma Bazaar – coming in to former Ziggy’s location. Immersive art bar with plans to expand into workshop space. If you’re a local artist interested in showcasing your work, send an email to

Treasurer’s report

Committee Updates


  • Adopting use of Slack
  • Committee will be hosting general interest meeting – check BRUN website/Facebook page for details


  • Second monthly happy hour was a success
  • Plan to continue this monthly tradition
  • Inviting ideas from neighbors including backyard movie nights


  • Meeting on Monday, July 23, location TDB – check BRUN website/Facebook page for details  

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City Traffic Engineers Office Updates BRUN at July's Meeting

Dear Neighbors,

The City Traffic Engineers Office joined us at YOUR Monthly BRUN (Berkeley-Regis United Neighbors) Meeting Tuesday, July 17th to inform us on the recent results of the traffic studies surrounding Berkeley and Rocky Mountain Parks, as well as their suggested next steps.

I'd like to mention that they took time out of their personal life to attend the 6pm Meeting, to which we are very Thankful.

Here's what we learned (some of this may seem like common sense, but it's important to know); City Engineers and Public Works have certain restrictions and requirements as to how to proceed based on traffic volume, traffic flow and density. These are set in place despite how we as residents feel because they must address the bigger picture of actual traffic considerations for Our Neighborhood as well as any precedent throughout the rest of the City of Denver.

(For Example: If a Stop sign was put up northbound on Lowell at south 48th, it could cause irreparable stoppage and traffic backup far worse than what occurs today)

This specific study dealt with both parks and their crossings at 48th (Tennyson and Lowell) as well as Rocky Mountain Park and it's crossing at Irving. A further study is required at Irving due to existing pedestrian and handicapped sidewalk access, another condition we as residents may not process the impact of.

In short, their suggested first steps were to re-mark, stripe and add additional signage and markers and Bollards? to these locations to better structure and tighten automobile paths and predictability for drivers and pedestrians. There are some suggested additional steps if the challenges are not greatly reduced, but stats show that these solutions do address some of them.

It is possible that some of this work may be able to occur as soon as September.

After feedback from the BRUN Board and other attending Members, some revisions and added items were noted to be reviewed by the City Traffic Engineers Office.

**PLEASE Remember All Berkeley-Regis United Neighbors are always welcomed and encouraged to attend our Meetings held the 3rd Tuesday of every month."


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June 2018 Meeting Minutes

Amanda Sandoval spoke on a new 200 foot notification requirement for zoning variance requests, an update from Marie of Historic Berkeley-Regis, Jay April spoke on affordable housing, safety, and sustainability, Aero Craft Brewing to open this Fall.

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May 2018 Meeting Minutes

Comments from local business Joint Dispensary, future business Empourium Brewery, and neighborhood group 38th Avenue Coalition. Discussions about a new website roll-out and much interest in planned and proposed neighborhood events. 

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April 2018 Meeting Minutes

Our April, 2018 meeting was cancelled due to severe weather and power outages.

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March 2018 Meeting Notes

Topics include a new brewery opening, Historic Berkeley-Regis meeting, Rocky Mountain Human Services, community Easter Egg Hunt, and a new platform for BRUN. 

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February 2018 Meeting Minutes

New officers voted in and sub-committee chairs chosen.

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