December 2019 - Meeting Minutes

December 17, 2019 BRUN Meeting Notes                                                             Prepared by Jeffrey Stine

  1. Call to order 6:30pm (Scott Danenhauer, VP – gavels)
  2. No Speakers
  3. Open Mic 6:30 – 6:50pm
    • Keith Meyer with Northside Sustainability Alliance spoke about their effort to expand participation in NW Denver.
      1. Their group is working to build a community interested in smart growth planning that encourages resilience and sustainable practices.
      2. It was suggested that BRUN invite them to speak at the General Membership Meeting. Contact Keith Meyer at
    • The owners of 4524 N. Perry Street are building a new home on the property. In addition, a BOA application to construct an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) at the rear of the property is in process.  ZAP review procedures were explained. More information requested.
  4. Volunteers for Board:
    1. There was a call for interested members to volunteer for 2 vacant BRUN board of directors positions. Audience members expressed interest.
      • Megan Kemp offered a brief introduction and shared her interest to join. Followed by acceptance from board members present.
      • Thad Tecza offered a brief introduction and shared his interest to join.

Followed by acceptance from board members present.

  1. Board Committee Positions:
    • Members were informed that the positions of BRUN Secretary and ZAP Committee Chair would be available following the BRUN General Membership Meeting on 02/05/2019. A brief description of the minimum responsibilities and the inherent workload for each position was provided.
      1. No action taken.
        • A secretary position must be voted on by the board with a quorum.
        • The ZAP chair position shall be voted on by the ZAP Committee.
      2. Committee Support, Action, Directives
        • ZAP initiatives for rezoning.
          1. Dave Marshall (DM) presented a map describing the range of rezoning that is being proposed by the BRUN ZAP Committee.
            • In general, areas within the district currently designated as MX (mixed use) are proposed to be changed to MS (main street) zoning.
            • In addition, a district overlay (DO) designed to better activate commercial/retail streetscapes is being developed. This overlay would include all locations with existing and proposed MX/MS zoning. The scope of change suggested would involve 6 locations within the district.
          2. The initiative is in the first phases of the city process. District 1, Councilwoman Sandoval’s office is assisting in the effort.
  • BRUN ZAP will transmit a letter of intent as well as a map showing the proposed boundary of change before the end of the year.
    • An expected schedule for the zoning amendment approval was discussed followed by a request for interested members to participate in the process.
  • Membership Outreach Directive
    1. General Membership Meeting, Feb. 5, 2020 at the Oriental Theater
    2. Outreach strategies for this meeting were discussed.
      • Flyers in local businesses and on street corners.
        • Some volunteers expressed interest in spearheading this effort.
        • Some members expressed concern about how the local improvement districts would react to street corner adverts without a plan to maintain and dispose of them after the event.
      • Door hangers and/or flyers should be distributed as an invitation to individual households? There was a discussion whether this form of outreach had been effective prior.
        • Committee members explained there is a dire need for more volunteerism for the effort as it will take much coordination and labor to distribute to every address within the district.
      • Also, Councilwoman Sandoval has a monthly newsletter that may be utilized to raise awareness.
  • Communication – BRUN Online presence
    1. Mycroft Smith (Myc) explained that BRUN committees are exploring options for redesign of the BRUN website. Many believe that the current web host does not provide the easy-to-use features that are desired.
    2. Various features of DIY web design sites such as WIX and WordPress were discussed. Myc described the demo website that he was currently developing.
  • Members suggested that a social media and list serv email call for volunteers be sent to solicit expertise in this area.
  1. Committee Updates
    • Zoning
      1. No Board of Adjustment (BOA) applications.
    • Treasurer
      1. Stan Ford explained the need to consolidate and streamline charges on BRUN social media accounts.
      2. Bill Killam suggested BRUN place an advert in the Denver North Star to run before the 02/05/2020 General Membership Meeting. Stan Ford is negotiating with the paper before the end of year.
    • Events
      1. Scott D. and Stan spoke about the recent BRUN Holiday Happy Happy Hour.
        • A written thank you note should be sent to the MidWestern Saloon for their wonderful hospitality.
      2. Jeff Stine explained that a BRUN social calendar was being developed for the first 6 months of 2020. Dates for future Happy Hours and annual BRUN events have been targeted. To Volunteer, inquire at
    • Membership
      1. Update provided throughout the meeting by Jeff Stine, Scott Danenhauer and Megan Kemp.
    • Communications
      1. Update provided by Myc Smith earlier in meeting.
    • Regis Community Alliance
      1. January meeting with the Regis Community Alliance is scheduled for 01/07/2020 at Walker’s Pub at Regis.
    • Sustainability
      1. Denver’s Office of Sustainability is now open. Current administration is putting more resources toward the enhancement of this department.

Old Business & Followup Information:

  • Discussions on 5G tower elements being installed throughout the district. Councilwoman Sandoval may hold public meeting on the topic in January.
  • East Colfax neighborhood associations are proposing city funded financial incentives for RNOs that diversify.
  1. Meeting Concludes


Adjourn 7:55pm


BRUN Board of Director - Attendance:

Steven Teitelbaum          OUT

Stan Ford                       PRESENT

Mike Nulty                      OUT

Jay April                         PRESENT

Jackie Cooper                  OUT

Eli Madden                       OUT

David Marshall                  PRESENT

Keely Scott                       OUT

Erin Wills                          OUT

Jeff Stine                          PRESENT

Mycroft Smith                    PRESENT

Bill Killam                          PRESENT

Scott Danenhauer               PRESENT

Meredith Kreiss                   OUT

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August Meeting-Minutes

August 20, 2019 BRUN Meeting Notes

  1. Call to order 6:10pm (Steven Teitelbaum gavels)
  2. No Speakers
  3. Open Mic 6:10 – 6:30pm
    • Neighbors Forum
      1. Discussion on improving call to action items, is there a better forum? (Slack)
      2. Discussion on changing the start time of monthly BRUN meetings
        • Vote to approve a 6:30 start time starting in September
  • Discussion on changing the venue
  1. Request to stream the monthly meetings
  2. Board Structure 6:30 – 6:40pm
    • Discussion on how Board President communicates and ask for accountability in how that communication occurs. Steven’s goal is to reflect what the neighborhood wants.
    • Board President concerned that the board is not doing enough for the community and wants to re-focus on serving the community.
    • Internal elections for Vice President
      1. No volunteers
  1. Committee Structure, Action, Directives 6:40 – 7:20pm
    • Events
      1. No events chairman currently, no volunteers
    • Membership: printing costs-newly sold mailers
      1. No chairman, Jeff Stine volunteers and is confirmed
      2. Steven requesting ideas on how to add members
        • Realtor’s to help spread the word to new residents
        • Membership cards for local business discounts
        • Communicate what BRUN is doing on important issues facing the neighborhood
        • Welcoming communication email to all new BRUN members
  • Communications
    1. Mycroft volunteers to chair
      • Would like to upgrade the website (calendar, add businesses and events)
  • Consider changing By-laws from BRUN serving paid members to serving all neighbors in BRUN boundaries
    1. Also consider representing students and parents that attend schools within BRUN boundaries. Steven to research precedent for this.
  • Steven addresses decision to share Koelbel’s updated design on Facebook
    1. BRUN’s role is to provide information to neighbors
  • Survey
    1. Does BRUN want to provide a report to City Council on survey findings?
    2. After seeing results of survey will BRUN write a letter of support to HBR for Landmark hearing (9/23)
  • Intent of survey was for BRUN and ZAP to understand neighbor’s concerns not a focus on historic preservation
  1. Committee Updates 7:20 – 7:55pm
    • Treasurer
      1. BRUN vote to approve reimbursing Jeff Stine for printing costs ($35) approved
    • Events
      1. No Update
    • Zoning
      1. BOA Case #115-19 (Alice St)
        • Applicant requesting to subdivide one parcel into three non-conforming zone lots
        • ZAP Committee recommends not supporting applicant (6 non-support, 3 abstentions)
        • BRUN Board votes to not support applicant (10 not to support, 1 abstention, 0 in support)
      2. BOA Case #119-19
        • Tree house (4912 King Street) is in front of house was built in setback between properties
        • ZAP Committee recommends in support (9 in support, 0 against)
        • BRUN Board votes to support applicant (10 in support)
  • Committee discussed zoning overlay, consensus to pursue design and conservation overlay
  1. Committee discussed building moratorium on Tennyson to provide time to develop and finish the language for the commercial overlay
  • Membership
    1. No Update
  • Communications
    1. No Update
  • Regis Community Alliance
    1. No Update
  • Denver Sustainability
    1. No Update
  1. Meeting Concludes

Adjourn 7:55pm


Steven Teitelbaum          PRESENT

Stan Ford                             PRESENT

Mike Nulty                          PRESENT

Jay April                               PRESENT

Jackie Cooper                    OUT

Eli Madden                         OUT

David Marshall                  PRESENT

Keely Scott                         OUT

Erin Wills                              OUT

Jeff Stine                             PRESENT

Mycroft Smith                   PRESENT

Bill Killam                             PRESENT

Scott Danenhauer           PRESENT

Meredith Kreiss                                PRESENT

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July 2019 Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2019 BRUN Meeting Notes

  1. Call to order 6:15pm (Kelly Merrion gavels)
  2. Speakers 6:15 – 7:30pm
    • Conversation with new District 1 Councilwoman – Amanda Sandoval
      • Missing all email folders and emails after transition to Councilwoman (please be patient as she recovers this data)
      • Jena Volpe will be taking care of scheduling items
      • First 6-months Goals and Focuses:
        • Move district office into district 1 (bathhouse? Local school?)
        • Office will be a resource to review pertinent district documents
        • Constituents set agenda
        • Wants to see BRUN be one of the strongest RNO’s
        • District 1 development changes: Olinger site, Regis re-zoning
        • Naomi – support staff (planning background)
        • Potential support to train RNO’s
        • (best way to reach her
  • City and County of Denver's intentions and efforts to certify as Community Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation - Cait Shaughnessy, communications coordinator for the local office of the National Wildlife Federation
    • Presented by Brian Kurzel
    • “Nearby Nature” theme
    • Small changes within our grasp that can make big impact on environment
    • Ideas presented from “The Curious Garden” (book about the Highline in New York)
    • Creating natural spaces in everyday, urban places
    • Per Denver Post article – Denver is a “Concrete Metropolis”
    • Livability benefits of nature
  • Incorporating sustainable practices into GNAs - Sudy Kudva, co-owner of The Squire Lounge, MatchBox, and 715 Club
    • Flooding and heat island effect has impacted his businesses
    • Sudy asks to hold businesses accountable for flooding and heat island effect (not just noise and light pollution)
    • Permeability and green space requirements written into GNA
    • Review liquor license site plans to assess opportunities for improvement
  • Historic Berkeley Regis Update – Bill Killam
    • Olinger Chapel Update
      • 2,000 flyers distributed for Olinger Chapel development
      • 130 neighbors attended meeting
      • 300 signatures to save Olinger Chapel
      • Many good concerns brought up at meeting (safety, shadows, aesthetics, etc.)
      • Significant amount of media coverage
    • Bathhouse Update
      • Alignment with Amanda wanting an office there?
      • Gathering estimates for renovation / reconstruction
  1. Open Mic 7:30 – 7:45pm
    • Scott’s ADU (discussion focused on challenges of making it ADA accessible)
    • Debra requesting additional outreach to inform neighborhood about BRUN
    • Steven discussing recent challenges for BRUN
  1. Board Relations 7:45 – 8:20pm
    • Call for New Members & Vote by Board of Directors
      • New BRUN Members:
        • Debra Troppman, Linda Welp, Meredith Kreiss, Margaret Dioguardi
      • New Board or Director Members:
        • Mycroft Smith, Bill Killam, Scott Danenhauer, Meredith Kreiss
      • Executive Nominations/Vote:
        • President: Steve (approved with no objections)
        • Vice Pres: no nominations
  1. Committee Updates 8:20 – 8:52pm
    • Treasurer (safety report)
      1. Crime report (uptick in burglaries and vehicle thefts)
      2. Denver vision zero (no more traffic deaths) – obey pedestrian and traffic rules
    • Events
      1. No update
    • Zoning
      1. BOA Case #67-19 (larger than allowed ADU) Oppose Variance: Support Variance: 3 Stay Neutral: 8
      2. BOA Case #08-19 (new home, over demolished, new construction encroaching on setbacks) Oppose Variance: All, Support Variance: None
    • Membership
      1. No update
    • Communications
      1. No update
    • Regis Community Alliance
      1. No update
    • Denver Sustainability
      1. Flux in leadership (chief sustainability officer resigned)
      2. Can parks use less pesticides? (Private use might be a bigger problem)
  • ZAP consider sustainability issues
  1. Public Meeting concludes by 8:00pm

Adjourn 8:52pm

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June 2019 Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2019 BRUN Meeting Notes

  1. Call to order 6:03pm (Kelly Merrion gavels)
    1. Change of Board announcements and Call for New Members
      • Jeff Stine added to the board
    2. Internal elections for President and Vice President
      • Kelly M. Interim President for one month only
  2. Speakers 6:05 – 6:43pm
    1. Smiley Library Community Meeting Announcement – Hannah Evans
      • 7/2 from 6-7pm meeting to receive feedback on renovation
      • Renovation approved (bond money)
      • Closed from 5/2020 (6 months)
      • Architect (Studiotrope) to present some ideas
    2. Statement by new District 1 Councilwoman – Amanda Sandoval
      • Not present
    3. Historic Berkeley Regis update – Bill Killam and Marie Edgar
      • Presentation update from 5/29 on Berkeley Bathhouse renovation
      • History of bathhouse, how the project meets criteria of 5-year parks plan
      • Community piece as opposed to storage use
      • Park master plan is a decade old, should be updated to include bathhouse renovation
      • Discussion of challenges for this project to be approved
      • Olinger Mortuary to Berkeley Chapel update (Landmark staff found that it is potentially significant in all three categories – Architecture, geography and history)
        • Put in notice that HBR will submit a designation application to extend to July 10th
        • Discussion on what options there are to adjust development plan
        • Path of Landmark status: Landmark staff makes recommendation to city council, city council votes
        • Current development plan does not include anything outside the zoning code and will most likely not look for any variances
        • $875 application fee if a city council person does not submit the application
        • Historic Denver is involved and in support of landmark designation
        • Neighborhood is losing a community asset, hope to get something back from developer to replace and make up for that loss.
        • Online petition to sign and other efforts to get word out via Facebook
  3. Open Mic 6:43 – 6:47pm
    1. Status on Yates hearing
      • Waiting for decision on liquor license decision
  4. Committee Updates 6:48 – 7:45pm
    1. Treasurer
      • BRUN $35 in the red after movie night
      • One new member signed up during movie night
    2.  Events
      1. Attendance for movie was higher but spend was lower
      2. Oriental offered some dates for both July and August if we want to do another movie night
      3. Another poll and time movie night a few weeks after poll
      4. Combine Happy Hour with Movie Night
      5. Matinee options? Video Gaming night to encourage a teen population?
    3. Zoning
      1. New chair (Dave Marshall)
      2. Setting up standing meeting, encourage attendance and engagement
      3. Establishing a standing committee group based on attendance that are allowed to vote
      4. Open forum, involvement encouraged
    4. INC Meeting update
      • June 1st meeting update:
        1. National Western Stock Show Complex rezoning
        2. Sloan’s Lake rezoning (neighborhood organizations opposing development plans)
        3. Group Living Task Force (proposing develop criteria for free standing SRO)
        4. Landmarks Ordinance Update (from three points to 10 points – add items such as cultural significance, would make designation more difficult)
        5. Proposed text amendments for large developments
    5. Membership
      1. Goals for the year
        1. Looking at ways to expand membership (Looking at different models – present proposal in July)
    6. Communications
      1. No Update
    7. Regis Community Alliance
      1. Build more support within community to promote the sustainability of the community including small business needs
      2. Working on a survey to better understand needs
      3. Addressing safety along Federal BLVD
      4. Working with Walk Denver to create a partnership
      5. Affordable Housing
      6. First Tuesday of the month standing meeting (No July meeting)
    8. Denver Sustainability
      1. Annual Summit on 12/5 (can recommend topics for consideration)
        1. org/sustainability
      2. Denver hosting an organization called “10 10 10”
        • Tech organization that discusses very difficult problems
        • Focus on climate and water event in November
  5. Adjourn 7:49pm
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May 2019 Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2019 BRUN Meeting Notes

  1. Call to order 6:05pm (Kasi gavels)
  2. Speakers 6:05 – 6:57pm
    1. Bathhouse revitalization project – Noel Copeland and Marie Edgar
      • Show BRUN what the bathhouse used to be and what it might be
      • Asking for BRUN’s support of revitalization project in the form of a letter
      • Potential as a community center and many other public uses, augment Scheitler Rec. Center
      • Looking at other city examples such as city park pavilion, Wash Park boat house, etc.
      • Serious need for this type of quality facility
      • Currently being used as storage by Park and Rec, offices for First Tee Program temporarily
      • Time frame for renovation: October
      • Potential funding via measure 2A?
      • Background on Historic Berkeley Regis (HBR) by Marie
      • Master Plan overview (recommended uses for Bathhouse)
      • Task force assembled (5) to educate the neighborhood
      • On the National Register of Historic Places
      • $1,500,000 estimated budget to renovate it
    2. Regis Economic Development Study – Susan Scherer, Director of Community Relations
      • What should Regis’ role be in the community? How can it contribute to the “local” economy?
      • Are local businesses important to Regis? Yes
      • Needed to understand what the local economy is.
      • Present initial findings and gather feedback
      • Looked at small businesses (food, fitness, retail) Lowell, Tennyson and Federal corridors
      • “Stroad” (Street-road) idea that does not do a great job of supporting commerce
      • Case study and outreach with Berkeley business association
      • Draft 30-page report with survey results and findings
      • Looked at Stanley Marketplace and others as case studies
      • Presented opportunities and how Regis can support
    3. Historic Berkeley Regis update – Bill Killam
      • Bathhouse topic
      • Brewery Award
      • Yates Theater project
      • Mortuary (46th and Tennyson) just sold to a developer this weekend
      • Documenting some of the houses and historic character of the neighborhood (windshield survey)
  3. Open Mic 6:57 – 7:51pm
    1. Community Updates
      • District 1 and County Clerk and Recorder Runoff Debate – May 22, 6:30 p.m., Regis University
      • BRUN Movie Night at the Oriental – The Princess Bride, June 10, 6:30 p.m.
      • Yates Tavern Cabaret and Liquor License Hearing, rescheduled for June 13, 6:00 p.m., Wellington Webb Building, Second Floor
        • GNA finalized and posted
        • Extensive conversation about Yates Tavern GNA development and negotiation process
    2. Committee Updates 7:51 – 8:02pm
      1. Treasurer
        1. No update
      2. Zoning
        1. 4425 Winona Ct ADU Variance (Unanimous support from BRUN vote)
      3. Regis Community Alliance
        1. No update
      4. Denver Sustainability
        1. No update
  4. Adjourn 8:02pm
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April 2019 Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2019 BRUN Meeting Notes

  1. Call to order 6:00pm (Niki gavels)
  2. Speakers 6:05 – 6:45pm
    1. Denver Animal Protection – Julian Wolff:
      • Denver Animal Shelter (public representative)
      • Partners (Dumb Friends League, etc.)
      • Open door shelter (regardless of behavior issues)
      • Best “Live Release” rates in the country
      • Resources (low cost vaccines Saturdays and Sundays, will take animals for 2-4 weeks if someone is experiencing temporary homelessness)
      • Call 311 with issues and questions
    2. Public Works – Karen Good
      • Intersections 46th and 48th near I-70 update
        • Data driven solutions, no “voting” for intersections to improve
        • 46th and Irving – no proposed improvements
        • 46th and Stuart – work orders in for improvements
          • crosswalks, bike symbol, striping changes, bulb outs and signs
          • Summer 2019
        • 48th and Lowell – changing striping to clarify where cars should and should not be (no work order yet).
        • 48th and Tennyson
        • Direct questions to: council office or 311 or
    3. Historic Berkeley Regis – Marc Cherveny
      • Group has identified building and homes that they are focused on
        • Document on 44th and Irving (Baptist Church)
        • Berkeley bath house – city is planning to re-purpose
    4. Amanda Sandoval
      • Candidate for CD1 Councilperson
      • For more information, visit
  3. Open Mic 6:45 – 7:20pm
    1. Yates Tavern Update
      • Denver Property Services to meet with BRUN members to discuss plans and GNA
      • Liquor license hearing at Webb building May 8, 2019 at 6 pm
      • Discussion on Needs and Desires hearings
    2. Business owner (Ketch Boutique) at 44th and Yates
      • Request for feedback on possible pop-up market behind 44th and Yates shops
  4. Committee Updates 7:20 – 7:45pm
    1. Treasurer
      • Balance $2,300
    2. Regis Community Alliance
      • Regis is re-zoning and starting open public forums
    3. Denver Sustainability
      • Committee looking at what city can do to sequester greenhouse gases
    4. Membership and Communications
      • 120 active households (out of 5,000)
      • 83 members (93 last year)
    5. Events
      • Big Lebowski Showing at Oriental de-brief
      • Easter Egg Hunt – April 20, Berkeley Park
      • Happy hour schedule on website
      • Looking at another movie night in June (Princess Bride)
  5. Board Member Review 7:45 – 7:50pm
    1. Budget Discussion
      • 2018 expenses $1,000 (events, happy hours)
      • 2019 expenses $580 YTD (Nation Builder, events, happy hours, magnets)
      • PayPal contact information problems and may have to stop using it
    2. Events calendar update
  6. Adjourn 7:52pm


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March 2019 Minutes

March 19, 2019 BRUN Meeting Minutes

Don’t forget to join your fellow neighbors at The Oriental on Monday, April 8, 2019 6:30 p.m., for our BRUN Move Night – The Big Lebowski!

Call to order 6:05pm (Niki gavels)

  1. Scheduled Speakers
    • Council Candidate Mike Somma
      • Platform: safety, growth challenges, pro-active, trolley service, working with developers, homelessness

    • Jamie Giellis for Mayor
      • Platform: Urban planning, sensible growth, transportation
    • Conservation Colorado – Mireille Bejjani
      • Discusses serious air quality problems in Denver (health impact)
      • Taking action now and building public support (calling campaigns)
      • Event next week in Thornton (Public Health Forum) – more information at:
    • Regis University Update – Jay April
      • Newsletter available via Regis website to better understand events and resources
      • Pop up on Federal in April (Federal is a state highway which makes it difficult to change the flow of traffic)
      • District 1 candidate forum 3/20, 6:30pm, Claver Hall, entrance 4
    • Sustainability – Jay April
      • Focus on climate change

  1. Open Mic

    • The Joint Owner
      • Update on move to new building
      • Hearing on April 5th to review move to new building.
      • Considering demo of existing building to provide more parking
      • Trash pick-up and effort to be good neighbors

    • New attendees topics and discussion
      • Zoning discussion, challenges on Tennyson
      • Yates Theater (hearing schedule, liquor license, good neighbor agreement)
      • Movie night on April 8 (The Big Lebowski)
      • Easter egg hunt (Rocky Mountain Park, April 20, 2019, 9 a.m.)
      • Development and growth impact on infrastructure
      • Funeral home at 46th and Tennyson update – property has not yet been posted for sale
      • Regis master plan (zoning being discussed now during public meetings, parking structures being considered)

  2. Board Brainstorm for New Year

    • Alley clean-up project
    • Paper shredding event for neighbors
    • E-waste recycling
    • Provide Block Party Check List to neighbors
      • Plan to host numerous block parties during Denver Days in August
    • INC Membership
      • Motion by Niki to approve renewing membership dues – passed
    • Communications and Membership Committee
      • Will meet the first Tuesday of every month, 6:30-7:30 at the Grateful Gnome

Adjourn 7:45pm


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Feb 2019 meeting minutes

February 19, 2019 BRUN Meeting Notes

Call to order at 6:02 pm

Introductions and induction of new board members:

  • David Marshall
  • Kelly Merrion
  • Jackie Cooper
  • Erin Walls
  • Eli Madden

Voted in at annual meeting

  • Keely Scott
  • Erin Spear
  • Joe Sertich

Nominations for Officer Positions  

  • New President: Niki Schwab
  • New Vice President: Kasi Steinheimer
  • New Secretary: Mike Nulty
  • Treasurer: Stan Ford

Nominations for Committee Chair

  • Zoning: Milo Schwab (Interim); Mike Nulty to take over in May
  • Membership/Communications: Kelly Merrion
  • Events: Steve Teitelbaum

Committee Updates

Treasurer’s Update: update on NationBuilder accounts; current account is $2,795

Regis update by Jay April: candidate forum for City Council hosted by your local RNOs to take place at Regis. March 20, 2019, location and time TBD. See Facebook page and website for details on event.

Sustainability update by Jay April

Open Mic:

  • GMs of The Joint
  • City Council candidate – Scott Durrah; meet and greet on Thursday, 2/21, Café Brazil 6 pm. See his website,
  • Marc – update on Baptist Church at 44th and Irving

Yates Tavern Project Update

  • Developers are requesting a 60 day extension of the March 7 hearing date; BRUN will post new date as soon as it is available. Developers will request an evening hearing time again.



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2019 Annual Meeting Agenda











  • DENVER FIRE AND POLICE: NEIGHBORHOOD REPORTS/ 3 speakers fROM DPD: Bradley Whitfield city attny. Robert Gibbs Community Resource Officer and Commander Jeff Martinez - INFORMATION ON “the Right to Survive Initiative” that will be on Denver’s May Municipal Election Ballot (15 MIN)















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Jan 2019 Meeting Minutes

BRUN January Meeting – January 15, 2019

6:03     Call meeting to order

6:07     Update from Heather Noyes on Yates Theater/Tavern

  • Meeting with Ken Wolf
    • Plan is to create event center for weddings, plays, concerts, business events for day time and evening use
    • Liquor license hearing may be moved from 1/24 to 3/7 – new date will be posted on BRUN website (Thursday, 6 pm at Dept of Excise and Licenses 201 W Colfax Ave., Dept. 206. )

6:44     Zoning update

  • 4495 Meade Street
    • Request for accessory unit (ADU); lot size is 4600 sf (limit is 5500 sf)
    • BRUN will submit letter opposing variance
  • 3928 Xavier Street
    • Variance for 17’ raised porch with railing
    • BRUN will submit letter opposing variance
  • BluePrint Denver will host drop in session at Sheitler Rec Center 1/24 5-7pm
  • Regis University Master Plan presentation occurred on 1/14 regarding its rezoning efforts

7:12     Overview for Annual Meeting

  • Speakers
    • Leanne – Overview of meeting
    • Tom Simmons – Historic Berkeley Regis
    • Yates Theater Update
    • Denver Sustainability Speaker
    • Police and Fire neighborhood reports
    • District 1 update from Councilman Espinoza
  • Overview of Board Openings
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