March 2018 Meeting Notes

Topics include a new brewery opening, Historic Berkeley-Regis meeting, Rocky Mountain Human Services, community Easter Egg Hunt, and a new platform for BRUN. 

6:05: President Leanne calls meeting to order

6:07: Welcome and Introductions

6:13: Community Open Mic

  • - Eric Serani – owner of Arrow Craft Brewing – going into space formally known as Merckle’s on 38th. Donating portion of all profits to aviation scholarships for youth groups. Want to inspire generation of pilots. Target opening date – mid July. Building owned by Van West Partners. Currently under renovation. Space will also include brick and mortar for Barbed Wire Reef. Check out their website here

at Utica in July 2018.

  • Marie Edgar presented the Historic Berkeley-Regis group, which is studying different neighborhoods in the Berkeley area. Check out their Facebook page here The group is encouraging new businesses to partner with BRUN via good neighbor agreements. Historic Berkeley-Regis is also currently studying the older churches in the Berkeley area and looking into helping them be purchased. Their monthly meetings are at historic buildings in the neighborhood. Next meeting is mid April. Please see their Facebook page for updated information.

  • Ann Gifford presented Rocky Mountain Human Services – spreading awareness for their services for veterans and disabled neighbors. Serve more than 5000 people annually. Three major categories; homeless veterans, infants with developmental disabilities and delays, and school aged children with developmental disabilities.

    Veterans – helping them get into safe and stable housing; serving 600 in Denver area and 500 in CO
    Springs. They have funding to pay for rent and securities deposits. Average expenditure - $3-4k per
    person. Approach: housing first. Before you can help a veteran deal with certain issues, the first order of
    business is to get them into stable housing. They connect them to services, and take steps towards
    obtaining VA benefits.

    They also provide early intervention services for infants and children. Any child that has a
    developmental delay can get an evaluation. Provide in home or in community services. After age 3, they
    provide coordination for services in the community and schools for children with disabilities. Also
    provides client assistance for funding for services not covered by insurance. In 2017, they served 71
    individuals in this zip code alone, and about 4500 Denver wide.

    Does outreach for homeless veterans. They get on their bikes and go where the need is. Most clients
    come through referrals from other services. Has outreach coordinators in Denver and CO Springs.

6:45: Treasurer’s Report - fluctuating around $1500. Have had about $150 expenses in February – one time expense. Annual membership – we brought in about 50-60 new members in February.

6:52: Committee Updates

  • Zoning (Michelle) – main thing – There is a public meeting on Thursday, March 22, at Parish Hall at Holy Family Church on our efforts on the design overlay for the neighborhood. Working with city and Councilman Espinoza to create overlay on the
    zoning code. Thursday will be a presentation of the proposal. 6-8pm at Parish Hall in Holy Family Church. Zoning needs a couple of volunteers to greet neighbors, and facilitate meeting, and to take new memberships. Request for feedback regarding vote for variance from Jeff. Zoning: upcoming public overlay meeting on Thursday, March 22, at Parish Hall at Holy Family

  • Request from neighbor – crosswalk at 48th and Tennyson.
  • Events: nothing to report; upcoming – Easter Egg Hunt – March 30. Check Facebook and TBBA website.

  • Membership – we need consistency for brand messaging. Incentivizing business membership and
    creating membership levels. Possible mascot or identifiable logo? June 1 – target date for events. This
    allows our CRM system to be in place. We should put the agenda on the website and Facebook so
    people can see what’s going on.

  • PR and Communications – three things: database and website changes – proposing that BRUN adopt
    Nation Builder as database and content manager for website. Cost is roughly $280 annually.
    Demonstration of Nation Builder’s capabilities courtesy of Emily Allred. We need an understanding of
    the BRUN brand, vision and mission. What are the membership benefits upon signing up? Looking for
    guidance on branding. Survey of current members – what do the neighbors want from BRUN. Facebook
    survey? Any ideas? Email Tim. Third – what are the best practices for communication blasts. Who does
    it, does it go through communication committee? We’ll set up committee email for communications so
    we can send all ideas to that email. Will post committee meetings on Facebook.
    Steven agrees to underwrite cost of Nation Builder for the first year.

  • Board vote on use of Nation Builder – passes unanimously.

  • Lastly – Jay – member of Denver Right – check out their website. The website is constantly looking for
    resident feedback about the neighborhood. Regis Event – Safety Expo on June 2.
    State and Denver police. We’ll discuss booth at the event. Jay will be bringing us information and
    updates for Mayor’s city sustainability committee.

7:25: Regis Update – Jay April. Safety Expo is on June 2 on campus. Request for neighbors to check out Denveright ( and provide resident feedback.

7:32: Adjourned.

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