June 2019 Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2019 BRUN Meeting Notes

  1. Call to order 6:03pm (Kelly Merrion gavels)
    1. Change of Board announcements and Call for New Members
      • Jeff Stine added to the board
    2. Internal elections for President and Vice President
      • Kelly M. Interim President for one month only
  2. Speakers 6:05 – 6:43pm
    1. Smiley Library Community Meeting Announcement – Hannah Evans
      • 7/2 from 6-7pm meeting to receive feedback on renovation
      • Renovation approved (bond money)
      • Closed from 5/2020 (6 months)
      • Architect (Studiotrope) to present some ideas
    2. Statement by new District 1 Councilwoman – Amanda Sandoval
      • Not present
    3. Historic Berkeley Regis update – Bill Killam and Marie Edgar
      • Presentation update from 5/29 on Berkeley Bathhouse renovation
      • History of bathhouse, how the project meets criteria of 5-year parks plan
      • Community piece as opposed to storage use
      • Park master plan is a decade old, should be updated to include bathhouse renovation
      • Discussion of challenges for this project to be approved
      • Olinger Mortuary to Berkeley Chapel update (Landmark staff found that it is potentially significant in all three categories – Architecture, geography and history)
        • Put in notice that HBR will submit a designation application to extend to July 10th
        • Discussion on what options there are to adjust development plan
        • Path of Landmark status: Landmark staff makes recommendation to city council, city council votes
        • Current development plan does not include anything outside the zoning code and will most likely not look for any variances
        • $875 application fee if a city council person does not submit the application
        • Historic Denver is involved and in support of landmark designation
        • Neighborhood is losing a community asset, hope to get something back from developer to replace and make up for that loss.
        • Online petition to sign and other efforts to get word out via Facebook
  3. Open Mic 6:43 – 6:47pm
    1. Status on Yates hearing
      • Waiting for decision on liquor license decision
  4. Committee Updates 6:48 – 7:45pm
    1. Treasurer
      • BRUN $35 in the red after movie night
      • One new member signed up during movie night
    2.  Events
      1. Attendance for movie was higher but spend was lower
      2. Oriental offered some dates for both July and August if we want to do another movie night
      3. Another poll and time movie night a few weeks after poll
      4. Combine Happy Hour with Movie Night
      5. Matinee options? Video Gaming night to encourage a teen population?
    3. Zoning
      1. New chair (Dave Marshall)
      2. Setting up standing meeting, encourage attendance and engagement
      3. Establishing a standing committee group based on attendance that are allowed to vote
      4. Open forum, involvement encouraged
    4. INC Meeting update
      • June 1st meeting update:
        1. National Western Stock Show Complex rezoning
        2. Sloan’s Lake rezoning (neighborhood organizations opposing development plans)
        3. Group Living Task Force (proposing develop criteria for free standing SRO)
        4. Landmarks Ordinance Update (from three points to 10 points – add items such as cultural significance, would make designation more difficult)
        5. Proposed text amendments for large developments
    5. Membership
      1. Goals for the year
        1. Looking at ways to expand membership (Looking at different models – present proposal in July)
    6. Communications
      1. No Update
    7. Regis Community Alliance
      1. Build more support within community to promote the sustainability of the community including small business needs
      2. Working on a survey to better understand needs
      3. Addressing safety along Federal BLVD
      4. Working with Walk Denver to create a partnership
      5. Affordable Housing
      6. First Tuesday of the month standing meeting (No July meeting)
    8. Denver Sustainability
      1. Annual Summit on 12/5 (can recommend topics for consideration)
        1. org/sustainability
      2. Denver hosting an organization called “10 10 10”
        • Tech organization that discusses very difficult problems
        • Focus on climate and water event in November
  5. Adjourn 7:49pm

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