July 2019 Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2019 BRUN Meeting Notes

  1. Call to order 6:15pm (Kelly Merrion gavels)
  2. Speakers 6:15 – 7:30pm
    • Conversation with new District 1 Councilwoman – Amanda Sandoval
      • Missing all email folders and emails after transition to Councilwoman (please be patient as she recovers this data)
      • Jena Volpe will be taking care of scheduling items
      • First 6-months Goals and Focuses:
        • Move district office into district 1 (bathhouse? Local school?)
        • Office will be a resource to review pertinent district documents
        • Constituents set agenda
        • Wants to see BRUN be one of the strongest RNO’s
        • District 1 development changes: Olinger site, Regis re-zoning
        • Naomi – support staff (planning background)
        • Potential support to train RNO’s
        • Sandoval@denvergov.org (best way to reach her
  • City and County of Denver's intentions and efforts to certify as Community Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation - Cait Shaughnessy, communications coordinator for the local office of the National Wildlife Federation
    • Presented by Brian Kurzel
    • “Nearby Nature” theme
    • Small changes within our grasp that can make big impact on environment
    • Ideas presented from “The Curious Garden” (book about the Highline in New York)
    • Creating natural spaces in everyday, urban places
    • Per Denver Post article – Denver is a “Concrete Metropolis”
    • Livability benefits of nature
  • Incorporating sustainable practices into GNAs - Sudy Kudva, co-owner of The Squire Lounge, MatchBox, and 715 Club
    • Flooding and heat island effect has impacted his businesses
    • Sudy asks to hold businesses accountable for flooding and heat island effect (not just noise and light pollution)
    • Permeability and green space requirements written into GNA
    • Review liquor license site plans to assess opportunities for improvement
  • Historic Berkeley Regis Update – Bill Killam
    • Olinger Chapel Update
      • 2,000 flyers distributed for Olinger Chapel development
      • 130 neighbors attended meeting
      • 300 signatures to save Olinger Chapel
      • Many good concerns brought up at meeting (safety, shadows, aesthetics, etc.)
      • Significant amount of media coverage
    • Bathhouse Update
      • Alignment with Amanda wanting an office there?
      • Gathering estimates for renovation / reconstruction
  1. Open Mic 7:30 – 7:45pm
    • Scott’s ADU (discussion focused on challenges of making it ADA accessible)
    • Debra requesting additional outreach to inform neighborhood about BRUN
    • Steven discussing recent challenges for BRUN
  1. Board Relations 7:45 – 8:20pm
    • Call for New Members & Vote by Board of Directors
      • New BRUN Members:
        • Debra Troppman, Linda Welp, Meredith Kreiss, Margaret Dioguardi
      • New Board or Director Members:
        • Mycroft Smith, Bill Killam, Scott Danenhauer, Meredith Kreiss
      • Executive Nominations/Vote:
        • President: Steve (approved with no objections)
        • Vice Pres: no nominations
  1. Committee Updates 8:20 – 8:52pm
    • Treasurer (safety report)
      1. Crime report (uptick in burglaries and vehicle thefts)
      2. Denver vision zero (no more traffic deaths) – obey pedestrian and traffic rules
    • Events
      1. No update
    • Zoning
      1. BOA Case #67-19 (larger than allowed ADU) Oppose Variance: Support Variance: 3 Stay Neutral: 8
      2. BOA Case #08-19 (new home, over demolished, new construction encroaching on setbacks) Oppose Variance: All, Support Variance: None
    • Membership
      1. No update
    • Communications
      1. No update
    • Regis Community Alliance
      1. No update
    • Denver Sustainability
      1. Flux in leadership (chief sustainability officer resigned)
      2. Can parks use less pesticides? (Private use might be a bigger problem)
  • ZAP consider sustainability issues
  1. Public Meeting concludes by 8:00pm

Adjourn 8:52pm

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