February 2018 Meeting Minutes

New officers voted in and sub-committee chairs chosen.

6:08 call to order
6:10 welcome and introductions
628 Purpose of the meeting. History of the board and how it evolved

6:34 Community Open Mic:
parking issues in the neighborhood

6:40 Bylaw overview and discussion regarding adjusting max board member of 15to 16. Will address at a later date once there are more bylaw issues to address.

6:45 The Road Ahead- Roseanne Jelacic.
Discussion of purpose of the board to guide the focus of the board based on the interest of the board members.

Discussion of elected positions:
Vice President
INC liaison listed as Leanne for the time being

Nominees for positions:
Roseanne (6 votes)
Leanne (8 votes)

Roseanne - Vice President

Stan Ford- Treasurer will stay in the position, Emily offered back up support

Secretary Niki Schwab

Discussion of subcommittee:

Chairs of committees:
Zoning/ Michelle chair, Steven
Events/ Sharon chair, Carrie Bureson
Communication/ PR Tim Flood chair (non board members to assit) Angela & Meredith
Membership/ Emily Allred chair- Johnny Chang

Chairs of the subcommittees with coordinate a time prior to our next meeting to get together as a discovery for committee needs/interest prior to next meeting.

Adjourned 8:28

Johnny Kang
Meredith Hogan
Carrie Bureson
Michelle Frankal
Jim Scott
Steven Teitelbaum
Emily Allred
Kelly Merrion
Mike Nulty
Tim Flood
Paul Voradran
Sharon Peterson
Leanne Kerber
Roseanne Jelocic
Jay April
Kasi Steinheimer
Angela and Nick Gerber
Niki Schwab
Ian Steinheimer

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