December 2019 - Meeting Minutes

December 17, 2019 BRUN Meeting Notes                                                             Prepared by Jeffrey Stine

  1. Call to order 6:30pm (Scott Danenhauer, VP – gavels)
  2. No Speakers
  3. Open Mic 6:30 – 6:50pm
    • Keith Meyer with Northside Sustainability Alliance spoke about their effort to expand participation in NW Denver.
      1. Their group is working to build a community interested in smart growth planning that encourages resilience and sustainable practices.
      2. It was suggested that BRUN invite them to speak at the General Membership Meeting. Contact Keith Meyer at
    • The owners of 4524 N. Perry Street are building a new home on the property. In addition, a BOA application to construct an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) at the rear of the property is in process.  ZAP review procedures were explained. More information requested.
  4. Volunteers for Board:
    1. There was a call for interested members to volunteer for 2 vacant BRUN board of directors positions. Audience members expressed interest.
      • Megan Kemp offered a brief introduction and shared her interest to join. Followed by acceptance from board members present.
      • Thad Tecza offered a brief introduction and shared his interest to join.

Followed by acceptance from board members present.

  1. Board Committee Positions:
    • Members were informed that the positions of BRUN Secretary and ZAP Committee Chair would be available following the BRUN General Membership Meeting on 02/05/2019. A brief description of the minimum responsibilities and the inherent workload for each position was provided.
      1. No action taken.
        • A secretary position must be voted on by the board with a quorum.
        • The ZAP chair position shall be voted on by the ZAP Committee.
      2. Committee Support, Action, Directives
        • ZAP initiatives for rezoning.
          1. Dave Marshall (DM) presented a map describing the range of rezoning that is being proposed by the BRUN ZAP Committee.
            • In general, areas within the district currently designated as MX (mixed use) are proposed to be changed to MS (main street) zoning.
            • In addition, a district overlay (DO) designed to better activate commercial/retail streetscapes is being developed. This overlay would include all locations with existing and proposed MX/MS zoning. The scope of change suggested would involve 6 locations within the district.
          2. The initiative is in the first phases of the city process. District 1, Councilwoman Sandoval’s office is assisting in the effort.
  • BRUN ZAP will transmit a letter of intent as well as a map showing the proposed boundary of change before the end of the year.
    • An expected schedule for the zoning amendment approval was discussed followed by a request for interested members to participate in the process.
  • Membership Outreach Directive
    1. General Membership Meeting, Feb. 5, 2020 at the Oriental Theater
    2. Outreach strategies for this meeting were discussed.
      • Flyers in local businesses and on street corners.
        • Some volunteers expressed interest in spearheading this effort.
        • Some members expressed concern about how the local improvement districts would react to street corner adverts without a plan to maintain and dispose of them after the event.
      • Door hangers and/or flyers should be distributed as an invitation to individual households? There was a discussion whether this form of outreach had been effective prior.
        • Committee members explained there is a dire need for more volunteerism for the effort as it will take much coordination and labor to distribute to every address within the district.
      • Also, Councilwoman Sandoval has a monthly newsletter that may be utilized to raise awareness.
  • Communication – BRUN Online presence
    1. Mycroft Smith (Myc) explained that BRUN committees are exploring options for redesign of the BRUN website. Many believe that the current web host does not provide the easy-to-use features that are desired.
    2. Various features of DIY web design sites such as WIX and WordPress were discussed. Myc described the demo website that he was currently developing.
  • Members suggested that a social media and list serv email call for volunteers be sent to solicit expertise in this area.
  1. Committee Updates
    • Zoning
      1. No Board of Adjustment (BOA) applications.
    • Treasurer
      1. Stan Ford explained the need to consolidate and streamline charges on BRUN social media accounts.
      2. Bill Killam suggested BRUN place an advert in the Denver North Star to run before the 02/05/2020 General Membership Meeting. Stan Ford is negotiating with the paper before the end of year.
    • Events
      1. Scott D. and Stan spoke about the recent BRUN Holiday Happy Happy Hour.
        • A written thank you note should be sent to the MidWestern Saloon for their wonderful hospitality.
      2. Jeff Stine explained that a BRUN social calendar was being developed for the first 6 months of 2020. Dates for future Happy Hours and annual BRUN events have been targeted. To Volunteer, inquire at
    • Membership
      1. Update provided throughout the meeting by Jeff Stine, Scott Danenhauer and Megan Kemp.
    • Communications
      1. Update provided by Myc Smith earlier in meeting.
    • Regis Community Alliance
      1. January meeting with the Regis Community Alliance is scheduled for 01/07/2020 at Walker’s Pub at Regis.
    • Sustainability
      1. Denver’s Office of Sustainability is now open. Current administration is putting more resources toward the enhancement of this department.

Old Business & Followup Information:

  • Discussions on 5G tower elements being installed throughout the district. Councilwoman Sandoval may hold public meeting on the topic in January.
  • East Colfax neighborhood associations are proposing city funded financial incentives for RNOs that diversify.
  1. Meeting Concludes


Adjourn 7:55pm


BRUN Board of Director - Attendance:

Steven Teitelbaum          OUT

Stan Ford                       PRESENT

Mike Nulty                      OUT

Jay April                         PRESENT

Jackie Cooper                  OUT

Eli Madden                       OUT

David Marshall                  PRESENT

Keely Scott                       OUT

Erin Wills                          OUT

Jeff Stine                          PRESENT

Mycroft Smith                    PRESENT

Bill Killam                          PRESENT

Scott Danenhauer               PRESENT

Meredith Kreiss                   OUT

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