August Meeting-Minutes

August 20, 2019 BRUN Meeting Notes

  1. Call to order 6:10pm (Steven Teitelbaum gavels)
  2. No Speakers
  3. Open Mic 6:10 – 6:30pm
    • Neighbors Forum
      1. Discussion on improving call to action items, is there a better forum? (Slack)
      2. Discussion on changing the start time of monthly BRUN meetings
        • Vote to approve a 6:30 start time starting in September
  • Discussion on changing the venue
  1. Request to stream the monthly meetings
  2. Board Structure 6:30 – 6:40pm
    • Discussion on how Board President communicates and ask for accountability in how that communication occurs. Steven’s goal is to reflect what the neighborhood wants.
    • Board President concerned that the board is not doing enough for the community and wants to re-focus on serving the community.
    • Internal elections for Vice President
      1. No volunteers
  1. Committee Structure, Action, Directives 6:40 – 7:20pm
    • Events
      1. No events chairman currently, no volunteers
    • Membership: printing costs-newly sold mailers
      1. No chairman, Jeff Stine volunteers and is confirmed
      2. Steven requesting ideas on how to add members
        • Realtor’s to help spread the word to new residents
        • Membership cards for local business discounts
        • Communicate what BRUN is doing on important issues facing the neighborhood
        • Welcoming communication email to all new BRUN members
  • Communications
    1. Mycroft volunteers to chair
      • Would like to upgrade the website (calendar, add businesses and events)
  • Consider changing By-laws from BRUN serving paid members to serving all neighbors in BRUN boundaries
    1. Also consider representing students and parents that attend schools within BRUN boundaries. Steven to research precedent for this.
  • Steven addresses decision to share Koelbel’s updated design on Facebook
    1. BRUN’s role is to provide information to neighbors
  • Survey
    1. Does BRUN want to provide a report to City Council on survey findings?
    2. After seeing results of survey will BRUN write a letter of support to HBR for Landmark hearing (9/23)
  • Intent of survey was for BRUN and ZAP to understand neighbor’s concerns not a focus on historic preservation
  1. Committee Updates 7:20 – 7:55pm
    • Treasurer
      1. BRUN vote to approve reimbursing Jeff Stine for printing costs ($35) approved
    • Events
      1. No Update
    • Zoning
      1. BOA Case #115-19 (Alice St)
        • Applicant requesting to subdivide one parcel into three non-conforming zone lots
        • ZAP Committee recommends not supporting applicant (6 non-support, 3 abstentions)
        • BRUN Board votes to not support applicant (10 not to support, 1 abstention, 0 in support)
      2. BOA Case #119-19
        • Tree house (4912 King Street) is in front of house was built in setback between properties
        • ZAP Committee recommends in support (9 in support, 0 against)
        • BRUN Board votes to support applicant (10 in support)
  • Committee discussed zoning overlay, consensus to pursue design and conservation overlay
  1. Committee discussed building moratorium on Tennyson to provide time to develop and finish the language for the commercial overlay
  • Membership
    1. No Update
  • Communications
    1. No Update
  • Regis Community Alliance
    1. No Update
  • Denver Sustainability
    1. No Update
  1. Meeting Concludes

Adjourn 7:55pm


Steven Teitelbaum          PRESENT

Stan Ford                             PRESENT

Mike Nulty                          PRESENT

Jay April                               PRESENT

Jackie Cooper                    OUT

Eli Madden                         OUT

David Marshall                  PRESENT

Keely Scott                         OUT

Erin Wills                              OUT

Jeff Stine                             PRESENT

Mycroft Smith                   PRESENT

Bill Killam                             PRESENT

Scott Danenhauer           PRESENT

Meredith Kreiss                                PRESENT

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