August 2018 Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2018 Minutes

Call meeting to order at 6:04 pm by Leanne

Open Mic

  • Christian Thompson – issue regarding parking of RV’s camping out for multiple days at a time on 46th along Berkeley Park
    • Request for solutions and support from BRUN
      • Overnight parking ban
      • Solutions used by Sloan’s Lake?
    • Linnea Bjorkman – improving community communications between students and neighbors
      • Cultivate Health and Fitness – opportunities around the neighborhood
      • Research regarding affordable housing issues
      • Communicating activities happening on campus to the community
      • Pedestrian safety on Federal Blvd.
        • Federal Blvd. Traffic calming event on October 6 from 10am-3pm at Intersection of Federal and 50th
        • Prosperity Denver
          • Proposal which will be on the ballot on Nov. 6 – sales tax proposal of .08% to run for 12 years – expected to raise $14M a year
            • All funds will go to low income students to pay for post-high school education
            • All schools who receive these funds will be nonprofit
            • Proposal has backing by Hickenlooper and Denver School Board
          • Marie Edgar – Historic Berkeley Regis
            • Learn more about history of Tennyson Street
            • Maintain character of the neighborhood and history of flagstones
            • West 38th Avenue group meeting at Zook’s are now an RNO
          • Jay April – Sustainability
            • Program which certifies neighborhoods for sustainability
              • Neighborhoods are taking action towards ride sharing, recycling, and other sustainable programs
            • See Facebook page for Denveright updates

Treasurer’s Report

Committee Reports

  • Zoning
    • Brad Harris – owner of Joint Dispensary; requests opinion/support from BRUN regarding parking issue on 38th and Wolff.
    • Jeff Laws – Zoning Appeal Application for Case No 128-18
      • Request variance for encroachment into bulk plane by 11 inches

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