April 2019 Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2019 BRUN Meeting Notes

  1. Call to order 6:00pm (Niki gavels)
  2. Speakers 6:05 – 6:45pm
    1. Denver Animal Protection – Julian Wolff: Julian.Wolff@denvergov.org
      • Denver Animal Shelter (public representative)
      • Partners (Dumb Friends League, etc.)
      • Open door shelter (regardless of behavior issues)
      • Best “Live Release” rates in the country
      • Resources (low cost vaccines Saturdays and Sundays, will take animals for 2-4 weeks if someone is experiencing temporary homelessness)
      • Call 311 with issues and questions
    2. Public Works – Karen Good
      • Intersections 46th and 48th near I-70 update
        • Data driven solutions, no “voting” for intersections to improve
        • 46th and Irving – no proposed improvements
        • 46th and Stuart – work orders in for improvements
          • crosswalks, bike symbol, striping changes, bulb outs and signs
          • Summer 2019
        • 48th and Lowell – changing striping to clarify where cars should and should not be (no work order yet).
        • 48th and Tennyson
        • Direct questions to: council office or 311 or Denverpocket.gov
    3. Historic Berkeley Regis – Marc Cherveny
      • Group has identified building and homes that they are focused on
        • Document on 44th and Irving (Baptist Church)
        • Berkeley bath house – city is planning to re-purpose
    4. Amanda Sandoval
      • Candidate for CD1 Councilperson
      • For more information, visit www.amandasandoval.com
  3. Open Mic 6:45 – 7:20pm
    1. Yates Tavern Update
      • Denver Property Services to meet with BRUN members to discuss plans and GNA
      • Liquor license hearing at Webb building May 8, 2019 at 6 pm
      • Discussion on Needs and Desires hearings
    2. Business owner (Ketch Boutique) at 44th and Yates
      • Request for feedback on possible pop-up market behind 44th and Yates shops
  4. Committee Updates 7:20 – 7:45pm
    1. Treasurer
      • Balance $2,300
    2. Regis Community Alliance
      • Regis is re-zoning and starting open public forums
    3. Denver Sustainability
      • Committee looking at what city can do to sequester greenhouse gases
    4. Membership and Communications
      • 120 active households (out of 5,000)
      • 83 members (93 last year)
    5. Events
      • Big Lebowski Showing at Oriental de-brief
      • Easter Egg Hunt – April 20, Berkeley Park
      • Happy hour schedule on website
      • Looking at another movie night in June (Princess Bride)
  5. Board Member Review 7:45 – 7:50pm
    1. Budget Discussion
      • 2018 expenses $1,000 (events, happy hours)
      • 2019 expenses $580 YTD (Nation Builder, events, happy hours, magnets)
      • PayPal contact information problems and may have to stop using it
    2. Events calendar update
  6. Adjourn 7:52pm


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  • Heather Noyes-Gregg
    Item 3.a Yates Tavern Update: Comments and concerns raised by BRUN members and residents in attendance have not been included in the meeting minutes.