Our committees for 2018 include:


2018 Chair: Timothy Flood

This committee manages communicating important information to the neighborhood throughout the year. This includes coordinating updates to the website and social media (Facebook, Nextdoor), publishing the BRUN Newsletter, and posting meeting and committee updates.



2018 Chair: Johnny Kang

To have influence in public and governmental matters, BRUN needs a broad membership base. This committee focuses on maintaining and growing that base, addressing the mechanisms for membership management and initiatives for outreach.   



2018 Chair: TBD

We stage several community events a year and doing so takes the help of a lot of hands (and feet, backs, heads, etc). Please join us, whether it’s for the full year or a single event -- we can always use your help! Some of the events we put on:

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Stein Night
  • Winter Holiday Party


Zoning & Public Works

2018 Chair: Michelle Frankel

The Zoning & Public Works committee works with the City of Denver on regulations and development of private properties (residential as well as commercial) in the context of our neighborhood's concerns. We respond to development items that are up for public comment. These include businesses seeking liquor licenses, builders seeking design variances, developers seeking re-zoning or properties, as well as landmark and historic designations. Among our group's projects are establishing Good Neighbor Agreements with liquor-serving establishments, reviewing Board of Adjustment cases, and the development of a Design Overlay District addition to the Denver Zoning Code.

This committee also works on issues that affect public property in the neighborhood (as opposed to Zoning issues that predominately affect private property). Some issues the group is currently working with the city to help improve:

  • Pedestrian Ramps – Storm Drainage/Standing Water
  • Sidewalk Conditions
  • Sump Pump Impacts on Public Spaces
  • New Construction Density and Roof Systems Drainage
  • Staging of Construction Equipment on Streets and Over Sidewalks